Nature Bound is here!

Welcome to Nature Bound Toys by Thin Air Brands.

It has taken over a year of development but we are ready to roll! 

We've specifically designed our toys to encourage the exploration of nature while having fun at the same time!  The Nature Bound line of toys will get kids up and off the couch.

It all starts with the patented Bug Vacuum. Kids can suck up insects, stud them, then release them back into the wild. It's safe for kids - and bugs.

Then, add the Critter Barn. This gives kids a place to store their critters and watch them thrive. We've build in a magnifier and a really cool light. Plus, we've included a special porthole so kids can screw in the capture core from the Bug Vacuum. 

Want to study far-away wildlife? Thats where our Binoculars come in handy. Or, zoom in close with the 4X Big Magnifier.

How about a Bug Net - gotta catch those flying insects.

All kids love butterflies so we've made a Bug & Butterfly Village. Simply pop it open and insert critters for hours of fun. You can even special order LIVE larvae and food that will magically turn into LIVE butterflies inside the Village (sold separately).

Last, our Cargo Vest has handy pockets and compartments. Clip your Big Magnifier or Bug Net to the Vest and hit the trail.

All of our toys are great for boys and girls ages 6 +.  Collect them all.

Get up, get moving, get Nature Bound!