NEW Bug Vacuum by Nature Bound Toys Available Now

NB911 Bug Vacuum

  • Patented Bug Catching Technology: Dive into the thrill of touch-free insect capturing! Our patented technology empowers kids with a strong vacuum suction that's both safe and a breeze to use.
  • Discover the Unseen: Armed with an exclusive extension tube, this kit opens the door to new adventures, allowing young explorers to reach and discover insects in the most hidden corners of their world. Great for small insects including fly’s, ants, spiders, lightning bugs, stink bugs, and more.
  • Magnify the Fun: Our unique capture core, complete with a magnifying trap door, turns every captured bug into an up-close scientific observation, thrilling young minds with the wonders of nature.

  • Illuminate the Night: Venture into the dark with four vibrant LED lights that transform night-time into an exhilarating bug-catching quest, keeping the exploration going long after sunset.

  • Designed for Young Adventurers: With an ergonomically crafted handle and a handy carabiner clip, this kit is built for easy carry and use by kids. Pre-loaded with 4 x AA batteries, it's ready for action right out of the box, promising instant fun and learning. Great for kids from 3 to 13 years of ages.



Embark on an exhilarating journey into the wild with the newly enhanced Nature Bound Bug Vacuum Catcher Kit! This cutting-edge, patented marvel is engineered to spark curiosity and adventure in young hearts, enabling them to encounter the insect world up close without ever touching a bug. Packed with a robust 1600 RPM motor vacuum, it boasts unmatched suction power for the safest and most effective bug capture. Plus, its detachable capture core allows for effortless observation of your tiny captives.

But that's not all—our exclusive extension tube is a game-changer, allowing intrepid explorers to delve into the secret hideaways of insects, significantly enriching their exploration saga. The ingenious design, featuring a magnifying trap door, transforms every capture into a fascinating learning moment, offering an intimate glimpse into the intriguing lives of bugs.

When the sun sets, the adventure doesn't have to end. Four radiant LED lights illuminate the path for nocturnal bug hunts, perfect for thrilling camping escapades or magical backyard safaris. Tailor-made for the hands of young adventurers, its ergonomic handle and convenient carabiner clip ensure ease of use and portability. Ready to go right out of the box with 4 x AA batteries included, this kit is a beacon of immediate outdoor fun.

Presented in a vibrant box, it's an ideal gift that promises to ignite a spark of excitement on any special occasion. Praised by educators for its educational value in classroom settings, the Nature Bound Bug Vacuum Catcher Kit, proudly presented by Colorado's Thin Air Brands, LLC.

This complete kit includes Patented Bug Vacuum, Carabiner Clip, Extension Tube, 4 x AA Batteries, Capture Core, and Nose cone.